nerei emotional intelligent is part of ner group, a cooperative holding based in Basque Country and operating all around the world.

ner group is well known for its highly innovative character, its democratic internal organization, its share of benefits with the employees and the high investment in social projects of a big part of its profit.

ner group association brings together, at this moment, 24 basque industry organizations, united by the New Style of Relationships (ner). Our association promotes a new organizational style based on people and with a clear orientation to the client and to efficiency. These organizations are different in their legal status (cooperatives, private limited companies, and even non profit associations) in their size (from 7 to 450 people) and in their sector of activity (manufacturing, public administration, education, architecture, services..). Among all of us we invoice more than 350 million euros per year and have presence in 60 countries around the world. Nowadays more than 1,500 people form ner group.

ner group

The key for our strong international increase of sales is based on a clear orientation to the client from all the people inside the organization and an important effort for internationalization.

ner group exports currently 71% of its production in the markets of the 5 continents. A major key for this success lays on the awareness of the group in taking advantage of the synergies among the companies that belong to the group.

This fact has contributed strongly to the business landing of the industrial members on the different countries around the globe. The members of ner group, besides sharing contacts and strategies, organize commercial missions together.

ner group

In ner group people are the ones who provide value to the organizations and the ones who realize innovation, working in teams and orienting all their actions to satisfy the needs of the clients, in a clear strategy of customer loyalty building. We always act under the principles of Service, Quality, Cost, Health and Safety at work, Environment, Innovation and Creativity.

All our organizations show a clear concern for society, oriented to a sustainable and fair human development. As a proof of it, in the years of life of ner group no person has been fired. ner group puts in 2 % of the hours of our people, with physical presence in social projects in Euskal Herria and in foreign countries.