Birloki system is an urban space activator, an interactive outdoor piece of furniture, a smart adaptive interface between the city and the citizen. We developed the first of a family of elements that are alive in the city. They do not remain static, they interact, they can be customisable, they can be removed and changed, they breath with the rhythm of the city.

What is BIrloki


Birloki system consists on a simple base element that works as a street connector onto which we can plug the different functional elements. Over the Birloki base element, you have the possibility of making your own Birloki, fully customizable. Up to the maximum height of 4 metres, you make your own Birloki with the five components combined and spacers between them when wanted, up to the height you wish.


Birloki system offers the City Lover a closer experience of his environment, providing the city itself with sustainable and interactive efficiency focused elements. We understand the city as a neuronal network in which the different acupuncture nodes share information among them, and interact with the user, receiving and sharing information as an environmental experience booster.


Birloki system offers a new way of thinking urban furniture. We have now the opportunity of making a Smarter City, closer to the user, adaptable, flexible and taking the citizen in consideration. A Smart way of thinking the city… not upside down but from the real life of the people and the objects themselves.


Birloki is already a reality: it is currently installed in Harvey Milk Plaza in Long Beach, and soon to be tested in Singapore, Bilbao, and Unitede Arab Emirates.

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