From the big territorial scale to the close range urban interaction, nerei has a strong expertise in finding strategies and deploying the necessary elements to activate the public realm.

The city is not a sum of static components, we believe that an urban space that doesn’t breath alive is dead; that´s why we combine intelligent technologies and the emotional side to create liveable societies.

Doing an inverse reference to the famous Bible format/scale book, we operated in the different sizes: XL, L, M, S

XL (extralarge)

Since the late nineties and sometimes before, a new discipline called Territorial Planning appeared on the table of the decision-makers and urban planners. The Territorial Plan of Mallorca and the Metropolitan Plan of Bilbao, as an example, offered a new vision of this necessity to blend together the layers of protection and development in a balanced way. The government agencies needed a new way of facing the challenging extension of the territory and the new demands and concerns of the people about their environment. Actually, the method we used, was based on two complementary drawings: the hard and the soft model, that together offered a coherent vision over such a huge extension of the 3.640 square kilometers of the island of Mallorca.



L (large)

Asia is the becoming the new emerging muscle of the world. New cities prompt out everywhere and we cannot fall in the same traps that the old Europe, from which Asia is more than capable to learn out. In collaboration with the European Union, the ENTP (European New Town Platform) the EAST (Euro Asian Sustainable Towns) and the direction of “les Ateliers de Cergy” it was a pleasure to participate in the masterplanning and review of the new city of Naya Raipur in India, working shoulder to shoulder with the Naya Raipur Development Authority.




M (medium)

The urban rebirth of Bilbao has been commented and studied all around the world. From a manufacturing, industrial society to a modern clean, livable and sustainable city. The refurbishing, the re-urbanization of the river banks of Bilbao, signed by José Luis Burgos and Juan Sádaba, was awarded in 2003 by the Board of Architects of the Basque Country and widely published as ana example of waterfront treatment.

portada_blv copia

S (small)

The Urban Space is all about people, about human emotions. “Nothing in the world is more simple and more cheap than making cities that provide better for people”- Jam Gehl.
It´s all about details, about thinking the small scale with love.