Urban acupuncture is a term that relates directly to Asian culture and to a holistic point of view that perfectly describes our vision of the future.

Urban Acupuncture

These two words have already appeared timidly to describe punctual little actions to solve urban problems with a bottom-up approach. But acupuncture infers a much more comprehensive conception of the world and therefore of Urban Design. Acupuncture understands the body (the city) as a whole, as a balanced network of streams and flows, each of them with a specific sense and function.


Urban Design analyzes the diverse flows of energy of the city (mobility, power supply, social connections…) and identifies possible lacks of energy, points where the flow is broken or can be enhanced by strengthening or lowering it.

We evaluate the energy state of the city and design interactive needles, creating a network of points that make a more vivid, liveable and efficient city possible.

When the “needles” are on and connected, the streams of information such as efficiency, transport and emotions flow freely and continuously, balancing the seamless connectivity and interactivity of the smart city of the future.